Measure , Award and Improve Retention

Cultivate a change in perspective from activities to results.

Integrated Talent Management Software

Having the ability to effectively hire, retain, deploy, and engage talent at all levels is really the only competitive advantage an organization possesses

Alchemus Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software

Attract , Qualify and On board the Right Talent

End to End Staffing Software

Manage Customers ,Candidate and Partners effectively with complete Front and Back office automation.


Alchemus Platform for Talent Acquisition, Integrated Talent Management and Staffing Software

Stream Line your business process to Acquire, Develop and Retain Right Talent for Continued Success.
Alchemus HR Software suite and Integrated Talent Management software helps organisation to build processes designed to  emerge as the victors 
in the more subtle game of talent management. Alchemus suite not only manages transaction efficiency and compliance needs,
but it also enables you to boost employee engagement and help align their performance and development with the 
needs of business. Alchemus HR Software delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality that 
enables you to increase productivity,accelerate business performance,and lower your cost of ownership.

Applicant Tracking System

On Boarding

Resource Management

Performance  & Incentive Management 

Learning Management 

Compliance Management

Business Intelligence

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Automate your processes that help you to perform activities efficiently: Operational, Collaborative, and Analytical.
Alchemus a leading provider of staffing software, provides comprehensive and configurable solution for staffing and consulting organizations 
to have an edge over competition.It facilitates organizations to efficiently meet customer expectations leverage technology
 investments to improve quality of sales and services.

a)Defining a customer-centric strategy;

b) Analyzing performance metrics to ensure objectives are aligned; 

d) Assisting you to redesign work processes as needed;

Staffing Software to build much stickier–sustainable–relationship with clients and candidates over the long haul.

Recruiting CRM Applicant Tracking System MPG003 Onboarding Contract Management Time & Expense Management Invoicing Vendor Management Business Intelligence Learn More
Alchemus Recruiting Software automates the key business processes from strategic sourcing to on-boarding.It helps you to attract, engage top talent and hire best fit candidates. Alchemus provides a technology platform that helps organizations of all sizes to improve their recruiting performance. Alchemus recruiting software ensure's new hires become productive employees by automating onboarding process and simplify the new hire transition. Highly scalable and collaborative features help to decrease time to hire and reduce cost per hire. Candidate Management Job Distribution & Social Connectn Resume Management Vendor Management On boarding Business Intelligence Learn More
Alchemus Performance Management is a platform for managing employee performance for driving the individuals and the organizations towards desired performance and results.It equips you to retain, reward, and develop talent to improve organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of mission and goals. Alchemus platform can be used for rewarding excellence by aligning individual employee accomplishments with the organization’s mission and objectives and making the employee and the organization understand the importance of a specific job in realizing outcomes. Goal Management & Planning Appraisal Review Reward and Compensation Succession Planning Learning & Development Learn More
Alchemus Learning management helps  to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Its powerful features  fits your brand preferences and delivers effective online & blended learning also helps to improve employee performance,ensure compliance, engage your workforce and support organizational goal. Learn More

We work with you to develop and implement strategies that deliver the right improvements – those that give you the best return on investment.

Why Alchemus  

Easy to use
Any time, anywhere
Plug and Play Solution

Alchemus Benefits

Streamline business processes
Decreased cost of hire
Reduce high employee turnover
Increase Quality of Hire

Industry Challenges

Hire Right Talent
Retain Talent Pool
Beat the Competiton
Cut Costs