Cloud Infrastructure

Alchemus cloud is built on a model for providing lower TCO to our customers on secured and scalable environment. Your apps should reflect your business, not the other way around. With Alchemus you can track activities within the organization and outside such as customers , vendors ,candidates and other application providers.

Alchemus on SAAS

Since 2002 Alchemus had provided companies who wish to limit their initial investment in hardware and software systems. Alchemus a hosted solution is a leading Application Service Provider, we are dedicated for providing recruiting solutions that are so cost effective that our client’s Return-On-Investment is practically immediate.

Alchemus is the one of the largest plug-play on-demand integrated talent management system in the industry. The company helps organizations to empower their people and increase productivity by offering a comprehensive suite of staffing and talent management solutions.

We deliver top-level security and privacy that meet or exceed what is achievable with on-premises solution.

We have built the most reliable security architecture that protects your data at all four levels:

  • Physical level
  • Connection level
  • Network level
  • Application level

Alchemus Network Security

The Alchemus network has multiple layers of firewalls from diverse vendors. Additional intrusion protection systems ensure that your data is secure from breach and attack. Alchemus performs scheduled intrusion detection testing to ensure the highest level of network security.

Physical Security

  • The physical location of the datacenter is secured around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Video cameras monitor the physical premises as well as the surrounding areas.
  • Alarm systems and intrusion detection is fully deployed.
  • Complete logging of all employees activities.
  • Data backup on a regular basis – all database backups are stored in physically separated servers.
  • High-end servers, organized in clusters.
  • Availability and sustainability is ensured by:
    • At least two independent power lines.
    • Autonomous power supply.
    • Automatic humidity and temperature control.
    • Automatic fire-control unit.
    • Redundant internet channels.

Application Level Security

  • Secured authorization of Alchemus applications is provided at the database level. Encryption for login and password is performed by crack-resistant algorithms.
  • In contrast to the other on-demand solutions that may use one database to store data for several customers, Alchemus applications provide a separate database for every company. This makes impossible to gain access to information from any other customer. In order to increase protection, all the data is encrypted.
  • Administrator assigns access rights to all objects, data fields and records.
  • Administrator assigns user rights for data update and change access preferences.
  • All attempts for unauthorized access are tracked and suppressed. All user actions are logged – this info enables administrators to audit user behavior.

Security Policies

  • We guarantee privacy for your data – all information that is stored in Alchemus applications is an intellectual property of our customers.
  • Application updates. All updates are performed automatically with minimal downtime.
  • Security policies. We apply the best practices to meet security regulations in every aspect of our business. Our certified security experts monitor and optimize safeguards in our company.

*All changes in security policies are disclaimed in our web site. Our company preserves the right to update security policies in order to deliver the highest level of security.


Alchemus Secure Transmission of Data

All data is transmitted to and from the application using SSL, encryption.

Ownership and Access to Your Data

Alchemus clients own all data which resides in the Alchemus Contracts database created using the software. Each client has their own unique credential and name database instance. Client data is never commingled with other client systems. Alchemus employees do not have direct access to client systems and data unless they are granted a user login created by client administrators for the sole purpose of providing technical support services to support your business needs. Alchemus employees are bound by strict confidentiality terms and corporate policies.