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Integrated Talent Management Software

Having the ability to effectively hire, retain, deploy, and engage talent at all levels is really the only competitive advantage an organization possesses


Alchemus Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software

Attract , Qualify and On board the Right Talent


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Manage Customers ,Candidate and Partners effectively with complete Front and Back office automation.

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In today’s hyper competitive global economy, the most critical aspect of a business to innovate and grow lies in its ability to attract and retain the right people to help realize the future.

Alchemus Talent Management Solution is a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. The goal of Alchemus talent management is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.

Alchemus Talent Management Modules

Talent Acquisition

Applicant Tracking

Vendor Management

Social Network

Career Portal

Vendor Portal

On Boarding

Talent Development

Performance Management

Learning & Development

Succession Planning

Resource Management

Supporting Modules

Activity Management

Compliance Management

Alchemus ERP Connect


Integration to Time & Attendance

Integration to Payroll

Alchemus Marketplace

Key Benefits of Talent Management

  • Hire right person for the right Job

    This is especially important both from the perspective of the organization as well as the employee because the right person is deployed in the right position and employee productivity is increased. Also since there is a better alignment between an individual’s interests and his job profile the job satisfaction is increased.

  • Retaining the top talent

    Despite changes in the global economy, attrition remains a major concern of organizations. Retaining top talent is important to leadership and growth in the marketplace. Organizations that fail to retain their top talent are at the risk of losing out to competitors

  • Understanding Employees Better

    Employee assessments give deep insights to the management about their employees. Their development needs, career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, abilities, likes and dislikes. It is easier therefore to determine what motivates whom and this helps a lot Job enrichment process


  • Better professional development decisions

    When an organization gets to know who its high potential is, it becomes easier to invest in their professional development. Since development calls for investment decisions towards learning, training and development of the individual either for growth, succession planning, performance management etc, an organization remains bothered where to make this investment and talent management just make this easier for them.