The Alchemus team begins by engaging with a customer to analyze opportunities to reduce operational inefficiencies. The process continues as the team works with the customer to develop a vision and help them create realistic, yet ambitious, future goals. Our Team understands that customers need to move rapidly to the implementation stage, and focus on continuous improvements.

Alchemus is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Our methodologies and tools formalize the lessons learned from previous engagements. The services offered by Alchemus are focused on providing structure and management to the entire implementation process and to contribute ideas and recommendations based on our extensive experience in the industry. Our wealth of experience can benefit your company with implementation, migration, and configuration to match your business processes most closely; and train your staff in the optimal use of the system.

With our Professional Services, we will create a package to meet your specific business needs within an implementation timeframe. The services that we offer include:

Business Consulting

Our team will work diligently with you to provide solutions to understand and evaluate your most important business problems and business processes our expertise and goal is to help you reduce total cost of ownership and deliver a quick return on investment. We offer process mapping from legacy systems, best practices process consulting, as well as business tune ups.

Integration Services

Alchemus covers most of front end and back end functionality and may need integration with many other third-party products to enable successful business transformation. Our team will evaluate your business needs and provide you with solution that unifies data across all your applications for better accuracy and avoid redundancy. Integration is done in the form of business releases – a series of short, intensive cycles of implementation which are designed to greatly reduce the initial time-to-benefit.

Data Migration

Most of our clients need their data to be migrated from other disparate systems. In order to get you productive from first day and also to unite your data into our one seamless business solution we offer migration services to help you extract or convert data into our application.


Alchemus Professional Services Team will help you to find the fastest and easiest path to deploy the Alchemus solution to achieve maximum value. We work with our customers to provide the fastest and greatest impact on your enterprise or develop a custom approach to fulfill your specific needs.
Our Team closely works with customers to:

  • Plan improved practices by identifying customers’ eminent business challenges and responding with a plan to help alleviate customer “pain points”.
  • Build a solution that yields faster ROI based on best-practice workflows that can effect improved business processes.

Improve performance levels over the longer term, creating an environment of continuous improvement, while helping to reduce total cost of ownership.