The Smart, Automated Applicant Tracking System

Alchemus Applicant Tracking System streamlines the entire hiring process from gathering job requirements, attracting candidates, qualifying job applicants, resume processing, candidate selection through making an employment offer. It encourages collaboration and communication between the different roles within an organization and allows recruiting staff to spend less time on tedious routine tasks which require paper handling, and more time on the actual recruitment and screening activities. The main objective of our ATS is to improve average time to fill, cost-per-hire, staffing efficiency and hiring ratio.


Discover features the system offers to help you stay ahead of the Competition

Requisition Management

Facilitates the requisition gathering process by allowing existing and potential clients as well as account managers, to create requisitions and provide quick access to all candidates submitted to the requisition, showing their current status in the hiring process. Alchemus can be configured for customized approval process for Requisitions prior to distribution for starting the hiring process all activities for a requisition are recorded so a real time view of the status of each candidate on each requisition can be maintained.

Enhance Visibility, Extend your reach

Job Distribution

Share your job openings with the world! Publish job openings to your company website and the most popular job boards to increase exposure and source top talent. This allows you to access millions of job seekers by automatically posting their job openings from open requisitions to their internal ,corporate website, Vendors and to hundreds of other popular Internet job boards ranging from the very big to the niche and specialized job-boards. Millions of candidates can be accessed through seamless integration to popular Internet job sites.

Utilize Social Media

Connect with candidates on social media. Post individual job openings or your company career page to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

Website Integration

Use the power of your brand to find candidates by creating a custom Careers Website Page that seamlessly blends with the rest of your site.

Gather Resumes From Multiple Sources

Alchemus has a ‘multi source search’ feature that provides ability to  search right talent  from multiple universal sources with a single search so that the most qualified candidates are located in the fastest time.Automatically capture and import resume information from email attachments, your website, Outlook inbox and more.

Career Portal

Alchemus recruiting software allows you to boost and create employee branding to attract talent . Reduce time to hire by providing assessment during application . Share documents and collaterals from screening till on boarding.

Vendor Portal

Alchemus recruiting software allows your vendor to submit candidates speed up submissions and streamline the vendor management process. Reduce time to hire by providing assessment during application.

Resume Parser

Manage resumes the smart way; parse, search, filter, trace status, tag or associate with job openings.Our unique state-of-the-art resume extraction engine virtually eliminates data entry. You can add new resumes to your database simply by clicking a single icon. It extracts very detailed information from the resume to improve the quality of job order matches. Alchemus maintains details of passive and non-passive candidates and keeps track of the activities and actions performed on each applicant until the applicant is employed either on a temporary or permanent basis. Resumes can be imported through emails, batch upload, or real time. Resumes from different sources can be configured as resume repositories.

  Track Applicants Screen and Hire Quickly

Accept online applications, uploaded electronic resumes, and automatically match skill sets. The system automatically tracks all email activity associated with a particular candidate record and updates that record in real time, offering a complete view of your candidate interactions and relationships. Then route applications for review and schedule interviews. Apply a consistent approach to any position with built-in candidate pre-screening questions and Skill matching technology.

Candidate Management

Know everything about your candidates and track their activity inside your database from sourcing to hiring. Stay organized and informed to ensure you make the best hire possible identify and eliminate duplicate records in order to manage your candidate database more efficiently. When creating new records the system automatically checks for duplicates, or you can perform a manual check. Be sure you make the most of every interaction with candidate.

Candidate Search

Define their own candidate selection process. Alchemus recruiting software provides multiple search options from the resume repositories, including key word, Boolean, free text etc, to search for the best match of talent. Each Candidate’s database record and resume can be viewed from the search results and if an e-mail address is provided, Candidates can be e-mailed directly from the search results without losing the search results. The use of Search Agents and Hot lists eliminates duplication of work during the hiring process.  Alchemus social connect allows you to search on social networking sites , job boards and free sites including campus and universities giving you instant access to millions of resumes. You can download all resumes from different sites such as monster , dice etc to Alchemus by setting up search agents.

Make insightful decisions


With Analytic, information is in one place so it’s easier to prioritize and make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date information. And do it all from any device — a laptop, a phone, you name it.

Benefits of Alchemus Recruiting software

  • Reduce your recruitment related costs, therefore improving your Cost Per Hire.
  • Reduce your recruitment administration time.
  • Streamline the entire recruitment process and ensure best practices.
  • Reduce the Time to Hire.
  • Increase retention and productivity(Increasing the Quality of Hire)
  • Improve communication internally and externally.
  • Reduce the paperwork within the recruitment process and improve overall efficiencies.
  • Improve the strategic decision making process (based upon quality metrics and talent intelligence).
  • Improves your employment brand.
  • To have a database for just in time recruiting (Pipeline) of candidates you can draw from when needs arise.
  • Measurement and goal setting.
  • Direct access to social media portals.
  • Marketing through job postings.